Francesco Coda

BrandFire Digital | Founding Director


I am an extremely passionate and result driven digital marketer with dynamic levels of experience over my 8 year digital marketing career. I have experience in the education and well as the banking/financial realm. I strive to grow my entrepreneurial skills and have started with two small lucrative business ventures. I presently hold a BCom Marketing Management Degree (UNISA) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing (UCT).

My digital knowledge expands three hundred and sixty degrees, encapsulating all facets of digital marketing such as: digital strategy, social media strategy, integrated strategies, direct marketing, mobile marketing and an in-depth understanding of digital media platforms. Having conceptualised and implemented various successful campaigns, I pride myself on delivering tailored campaigns to the market achieving phenominal results whilst ensuring that the highest level efficiency supports every campaign.

As a young corporate marketer and young entrepreneur I firmly believe in the power of growth through strategic partnerships and delivering excellence. The power of growth and development comes from within, I pride myself on growing from strength to strength.


Marketing has always intrigued me. It is a place where thoughts and ideas transform into something tangible. Marketing has the ability to engage audiences and initiate conversations between a diverse range of people. This is what has always fascinated me about an excellent marketing and online campaign – its cross-functionality amongst various platforms and how it is possible to generate user interest and engagement through understanding people and what intrigues them. Ultimately watching the pieces of the puzzle coming together for me is one of the greatest feelings. Marketing is about an experience and my love for digital marketing lies in creating the best user experience and engagement. This is where BrandFire was born – igniting brand passion.